The client approached us with a $75k budget and asked what we could do to celebrate Canadian Music in an interactive installation.

We pitched a few ideas, but the winning concept was our favorite as well. A live You Don’t Know Jack style game featuring Canadian music trivia.

I designed the game and UX, scoped the project, sourced and built the hardware and worked together with UI Designers and built the game and frontend in Adobe Flash and ActionScript.

My Role

  • Initial concepts and pitch
  • Project planning and scoping
  • Game Design
  • UX Design
  • Game Development in Flash and ActionScript 3.0
  • Hardware build and installation

Project Info

Creating a Travelling Exhibit

The client requested that whatever we built be able to travel to different shows. So, we came up with the concept to build everything out that it could fit in large travel cases like they use for concerts.

I sourced all the hardware for the project, including PCs and touch screens and set everything up live including the network connections and A/V.

Magic of Live Experiences

Having this installation be a part of a festival was a great finish to the project. I was able to watch people hands-on with what we created and see the enjoyment on their faces.