Game of Thrones Ascent is the reason I joined Disruptor Beam. I wanted to be a part of creating the next generation of story-driven games.

I joined the team as they were launching the web/Facebook version of the game. They were looking to port the game to mobile and tablet. So, I joined to help translate the UI and build it out using XCode and Objective C.

In the end, the game became so much more meaningful to me. It was the first game I was a part of that had a strong community around it. It was more than a game to the players, it was their platform to socialize and meet new Game of Thrones fans. Something I dream to re-create again on a larger scale.

My Role

  • UI/UX design for mobile and tablet ports
  • UI development in XCode and Objective C
  • During Liveops, Director of Product & Design

The most amazing thing I learned was that we had multiple players meet in the game, fall in love and get married. I didn’t realize the impact a game could have on people’s lives until that moment.