Cutting edge PSVR2 game. Innovative live-ops and meta game design. Eye tracking led UI design. Implementation in UMG using Unreal 5.

I was initially hired as a Senior Product Manager to help define the engagement and progression systems and create a strong live operations plan for the new VR tactical team-based shooter, Firewall Ultra.

As I worked more with the team, I started to take on UX design and implementation of the UI in Unreal 5 using Blueprints and UMG. Which led to my promotion to Director of Product Design.


  • Metagame Design
  • Progression Design
  • UX Design
  • Unreal 5 UMG
  • Unreal 5 Blueprints

Key Learnings

“We had to throw out everything we knew about how players navigate a game UI and re-think the paradigm of human-computer interaction”

How do you build a UI that players will navigate using their eyes?

The decision to utilize the PSVR2 eye tracking technology led us down a path of learning and iteration far deeper than we were expecting. We initially thought that we could simulate a mouse cursor with the player’s eyes and learned how truly uncomfortable that was pretty immediately.

Through rapid design, prototyping and user testing we were able to develop a new way of navigation that considered what the player was looking at in any given moment and provided them with contextual actions they can perform using the PS5 Sense Controllers.

As of publishing, the final UI design has not been shared publicly and is still under NDA. So, I cannot share yet. But, will update this page when I can.


Release date not yet announced